Battle of Pollilur (1781)

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Battle of Pollilur
Part of the Second Anglo-Mysore War
Date 27 August 1781
Location Pollilur, Kanchipuram, India
Result Company victory
British East India Company Sultanate of Mysore
Commanders and leaders
Eyre Coote Hyder Ali
11,000[1] unknown
Casualties and losses
421[2] 2,000+[3]

The Battle of Pollilur was fought on 27 August 1781, between forces of the Kingdom of Mysore under Hyder Ali and British East India Company forces led by General Eyre Coote. The battle was fought on the site of a 1780 encounter in which a Company force was almost completely killed or captured.

In the 1781 battle, the company's army was organized into 2 lines. One line fought against the troops under Tipu. But Hyder Ali's army faced severe casualties and retreated to Kanchipuram.

After the battle a shortage of provisions led Coote to move his forces toward Tripasur.[4] Hyder interpreted this as a retreat, and claimed victory.[citation needed]


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