Battle of St. Quentin (1871)

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Battle of St. Quentin
Part of the Franco-Prussian War
PD 204 - SAINT-QUENTIN - Les Prussiens sur la Grand'Place en 1871.JPG
Prussian forces in St. Quentin, 1871
Date19 January 1871
Result Prussian victory
Flag of Germany (1867–1919).svg German Empire France France
Commanders and leaders
August Karl von Goeben Louis Faidherbe
33,000 40,000
Casualties and losses
2,400 3,500 killed and wounded,
9,000 captured

The Battle of St. Quentin was a battle of the Franco-Prussian War in which Prussian forces defeated French attempts to relieve the besieged city of Paris.

While the Prussian armies under Wilhelm I besieged Paris, the Prussian I Army, now under the command of August Karl von Goeben was sent to deal with French forces north of Paris. After a first attempt to relieve Paris had been checked at the battle of Bapaume, the French were planning another relief effort.

Von Goeben marched his army north and met the irregular French army under General Louis Faidherbe near Saint Quentin. On 19 January the Prussians attacked and decisively defeated the French forces. The same day General Trochu attempted a breakout of Paris but it too was defeated. No other significant attempts would be made to lift the siege of Paris.


Coordinates: 49°50′55″N 3°17′11″E / 49.8486°N 3.2864°E / 49.8486; 3.2864