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For other stations named Bayshore, see Bayshore (disambiguation).
Ottawa Transitway station
Bayshore OC station.JPG
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Coordinates 45°20′45″N 75°48′34″W / 45.34583°N 75.80944°W / 45.34583; -75.80944Coordinates: 45°20′45″N 75°48′34″W / 45.34583°N 75.80944°W / 45.34583; -75.80944
Owned by OC Transpo
Other information
Station code 3050
Preceding station   OC Transpo   Following station
toward Stittsville
Route 92
toward St. Laurent
toward Stittsville
Route 92
toward Innovation
Route 93
toward Lebreton
toward Innovation
Route 93
toward Stittsville
Route 96
toward St. Laurent
Route 97
toward Airport
Terminus Route 101
toward St. Laurent
Terminus Route 103

Bayshore is a station on Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's transitway served by OC Transpo buses. It is located in the western transitway section at the Bayshore Shopping Centre in the neighbourhood of Bayshore.[1][2] It is the western terminus for rapid transit route 97 and route 101, as well as other crosstown routes such as route 2 and route 85.[3]

Prior to its construction, buses used Woodridge Crescent and entered the shopping centre parking lot, which is prone to congestion and extensive delays. Due to no access to Woodridge Crescent (first left) from Richmond Road (except emergency vehicles), routes 2, 97, 172, and 173 have to travel around the shopping centre, on Richmond Road and on Holly Acres Road, to enter the small bus-route access to the station. Eastbound trips of these four routes travel on Woodridge Crescent, then on Bayshore Drive and then their regular route from Richmond Road onward.

A second platform allows route 96 buses to zoom in and out of the station via a new Transitway Segment between Pinecrest Station and Bayshore Station,[2][3] which was built in 2009. All Kanata express routes and Stittsville express routes serve this stop at the station.[2][3] Due to service reorganization in the Crystal Beach area with the elimination of express route 59, some trips of route 96 start at Bayshore Station during morning rush hour (some as extension to local route 152 which has supplementary service to replace route 59).


The following routes serve Bayshore Station:[3]

Regular Routes: 2 63 64 85 92 96 97 101 152 155 172 173
Peak-Only Routes: 103 180 182
Connexion Routes: 256 261 262 263 264 265 267 268 269 283
Shopper Routes: 301 303
Special Event Routes: 402 404 406 454
School Routes: 669 691

Westbound Only
Connexion Routes 252


  • Route 152 doesn't travel west of Bayshore Station in the evenings on Sundays.


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