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BeatBuddy guitar pedal
Manufacturer Singular Sound
Dates 2014 – present
Price $299
Technical specifications
Hardware Digital, LCD
Pedal control Stomp pedal
External control MIDI Sync, USB port, footswitch

The BeatBuddy is a digital effects pedal designed for guitar and other instruments, manufactured by Miami-based Singular Sound. The BeatBuddy is the first guitar pedal drum machine,[1] and provides a drum machine with hands-free control. The pedal uses recordings of non-quantized drums, as recorded in a studio.


The pedal was first engineered and manufactured in 2014, after crowdfunding via Indiegogo, while the pedal itself has garnered numerous awards from Guitar Player, Guitar World, and NAMM.[citation needed]. The pedal is foot-controlled to start, stop, fill, and transition, with rotary knobs for adjusting volume, tempo and drum set. An additional accessory dual footswitch may be plugged into the BeatBuddy to provide control of accent hits, pause/unpause, as well as tap tempo and hands free content navigation.


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