Beatmania (European video game)

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Beatmania manual cover (PAL).jpg
Cover art
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) PlayStation
Genre(s) Music game
Mode(s) Single-player, Multi-player

beatmania (SLES-02096) is a music game for the PlayStation by Konami. It was released in the European market in 2000 and was sold in combination with the Beatmania Controller (SLEH-00021).

Featured Tracks[edit]

European titles:[1]


Beatmania Controller for PlayStation

The Beatmania Controller for Playstation by Konami (Sony ID: SLEH-00021, Konami product no. RU024) is used with the music video game Beatmania. It features a keyboard with five keys and a turntable-like platter.

In Europe the controller and game disc were sold as a bundle.

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