Beau Sabreur

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Beau Sabreur
Beau Sabreur 1928 Poster.jpg
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Directed by John Waters
Produced by
Written by Julian Johnson (intertitles)
Story by Thomas J. Geraghty
Based on Beau Sabreur
by P. C. Wren
Cinematography C. Edgar Schoenbaum
Edited by Rose Lowenger
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
  • January 7, 1928 (1928-01-07) (USA)
Running time
7 reels (6,704 ft)
Country United States
Language English intertitles

Beau Sabreur is a 1928 American silent film directed by John Waters and starring Gary Cooper and Evelyn Brent.[1] Based on the novel Beau Sabreur by P. C. Wren, who also wrote Beau Geste, the film is about a desert-bound member of the French Foreign Legion who exposes a betrayer to the Legion and is then sent on a mission among the Arabs to conclude the signing of a crucial peace treaty.[1] Produced by Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation and distributed by Paramount Pictures, only a trailer exists of this film today. The released feature version is a lost film.[2][3]

In the original novel the lead character Major Henri de Beaujolais is an officer of spahis (Algerian colonial cavalry of the French Army) and has no connection with the better known Foreign Legion. In all surviving stills of Beau Sabreur Gary Cooper is shown wearing the distinctive spahi uniform and it is not clear whether the lost film was intended to be a Foreign Legion epic.


Original novel[edit]

Beau Sabreur
Author P. C. Wren
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publication date

The original novel concerned the adventures of Major Beaugolais.[4]

The original title was Who Rideth Alone.[5]


Beau Sabreur was filmed on location in Guadalupe, California, in Red Rock Canyon State Park in Cantil, California, and in Yuma, Arizona.[6]


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