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Bech-Kleinmacher (Luxembourgish: Bech-Maacher) is a small village in the commune of Schengen, in south-eastern Luxembourg. As of 2005, the village has a population of 536.

Vineyards near Bech-Kleinmacher with Germany in the background
Reconstructed Roman Funeral Chamber in Bech-Kleinmacher

The village lies along the Moselle River, which forms the border with Germany. The area has been settled at least since Roman times as evidenced by the reconstructed funeral chamber that sits on a hilltop overlooking the river. Wine production is a major industry in Bech-Kleinmacher and the village is surrounded by vineyards.

Church in Bech-Kleinmacher at night

The celebrated Luxembourg artist Nico Klopp was born in Bech-Kleinmacher on 18 September 1894.[1] Olympian Marcel Chennaux was born here.[2]


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Coordinates: 49°32′N 6°21′E / 49.533°N 6.350°E / 49.533; 6.350