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For the Lebanese president, see Bechara El Khoury.

Bechara El Khoury is a Christian Franco-Lebanese composer. Born in Beirut in 1957, he moved to Paris in 1979. Having written a hundred works between 1969 and 1978, he became extremely active as a pianist, conductor and Kapellmeister. He became a French national in 1987, and as a result many French institutions[which?] commissioned works for him.

Since, he has received many prizes,[which?] and his works have been performed by orchestras as noted as the Orchestre National de France and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, the London Symphony Orchestra and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

His works are predominantly symphonic. His most ambitious work is the symphony Les ruines de Beyrouth, composed in 1985 in memory of the 1975 war.

His works are published by the Editions Max Eschig and the Editions Alphonse Leduc in Paris.

Bechara El Khoury's Les fleuves engloutis was a finalist in the 2003 Masterprize international composing competition.[1][2][3]


"The Ruins of Beirut”… (1985) CD, symphonic works, Ukraine National Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Vladimir Sirenko – Ref.8.557043. NAXOS

“Requiem for Orchestra”… (1980) CD, symphonic works, Orchestre Colonne, conductor: Pierre Dervaux – Ref.8.557691. NAXOS

“ Concerto for piano”… (1984) CD with concertante works for Piano : David Lively, Abdel Rahman El Bacha, and Violin : Gérard Poulet, Orchestre Colonne, conductor : Pierre Dervaux – Ref. 8.557692. NAXOS

- “New-York, Tears and Hope”, (2001–2005) -“The Rivers Engulfed”…….

CD with symphonic and pianistic works  :Dimitiri Vassilakis, Hidéki Nagano (pianists Soloists of the Ensemble Intercontemporain), London Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Daniel Harding, Martyn Brabbins - Ref. 8.570134. NAXOS

These 4 Cd were each awarded 3 stars in the Penguin Guide to CDs and DVDs 2006-2007


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