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Bedi is a family name largely but not exclusively of Indian origin. People with that name include:

Indian heritage or association
  • Bedi clan, clan in India
  • Aadya Bedi (active from 1999), Indian theater artist and Bollywood actress
  • Angad Bedi (born 1983), Indian actor and model
  • Ankush Bedi (born 1991), Indian cricketer
  • Bishan Singh Bedi (born 1946), Indian cricketer
  • Daya Singh Bedi (1899–1975), Indian diplomat, civil servant, and cavalry officer in the British Indian Army
  • Freda Bedi (1911–77), British-born Tibetan Buddhist nun
  • H. S. Bedi (born 1946), Indian judge
  • H. S. Bedi (entrepreneur) (born 1952), Indian army officer, subsequently a businessman
  • Kabir Bedi (born 1946), Indian television and film actor
  • Kiran Bedi (born 1949), Indian politician, social activist, and former tennis player and police officer
  • Kunwar Mohinder Singh Bedi Sahar (1920 – after 1983), Indian Urdu poet
  • Mandira Bedi (active from 1994), Indian actress, fashion designer, model and television presenter
  • Mitter Bedi (1926–85), Indian photographer
  • Monica Bedi (born 1975), Indian actress and television presenter
  • Narendra Bedi (1937–82) Indian Bollywood film director, son of Rajinder Singh Bedi
  • Naresh Bedi (born before 1972), Indian wildlife film maker and photographer
  • Nikki Bedi (born 1966), British television and radio presenter
  • Nripjit Singh Bedi (AKA Nippy Bedi, born 1940), Indian volleyball player
  • Pooja Bedi (born 1970), Indian Bollywood actress and television talk show host
  • Protima Bedi (1948–98), Indian model turned odissi exponent
  • Purva Bedi (born 1974), Indian-born American actress
  • Rajat Bedi (active from 1998), Indian film actor
  • Rajinder Singh Bedi (1915–84), Indian writer and playwright in Urdu, and film director, screenwriter and dialogue writer in Hindi
  • Rakesh Bedi (active from 1979), Indian actor, stage and television actor
  • Raman Bedi (active from 1996), English academic and organiser in the field of dental care
  • Sanjeet Bedi (c. 1970–2015), Indian television actor
  • Sarah Bedi (born before 1999), British actress
  • Sarla Bedi (1925–2013), Indian priestess who spent life in three continents
  • Susham Bedi (born 1945), Indian author of novels, short stories and poetry
  • Vijay Bedi (born before 2005), Indian wildlife film maker and photographer
Other heritage or association
  • Bedi Buval (born 1986), Martiniquais professional footballer
  • Martial Bedi Esmel (born 1986), Ivorian football player
  • Mbenza Bedi (Hugues Bedi Mbenza, born 1984), Congolese footballer
  • Tamocha Bedi (active from 2001), Botswana footballer
  • Tibor Bédi (born 1974), Hungarian hurdler who competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics

Places and structures[edit]

  • Bedi, Gujarat, a census town in Jamnagar district, India
  • Bedi Mahal, a palace situated in Kallar Syedan, Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Chak Bedi, a historical town of Pakpattan, a district in Punjab

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