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The Beiijing HsingHai Musical Instruments Corporation LTD. (Chinese: 北京星海乐器有限公司; also called Beijing Hsinghai Piano Group Limited or Beijing Xinghai Piano Group Limited, 北京星海钢琴集团有限公司), based in Beijing, is one of the largest musical instrument manufacturers in China.


It was established on June 1, 1949 and produces Western instruments such as pianos and accordions as well as traditional Chinese musical instruments such as yangqin, ruan, and sheng. The company has nearly 4,000 employees [1] and is one of China's largest manufacturers of pianos. They company's total assets as of 2008 were 629,000,000 Chinese yuan, its area is 300,000 square meters, and its floor space is approximately 170,000 square meters. The company has several locations in Beijing and also maintains a conservatory.

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