Bekhzod Akhmedov

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Bekhzod V. Akhmedov
Born February 14, 1974 (1974-02-14) (age 43)
Nationality Uzbekistan

Bekhzod Akhmedov Bakhodirovich (Russian: Бехзод Баходирович Ахмедов; born 14 February 1974) CEO of “Uzdunrobita”, the Uzbek branch of the Russian telecommunication company MTS until 2012. Immediately after scandalous suspension of the operating license of Uzdunrobita (MTS-Uzbekistan) Akhmedov escaped from Uzbekistan and since then wanted by INTERPOL.

Akhmedov graduated from the National University of Uzbekistan in Economics.

CEO of Uzdunrobita — MTS’s Uzbek subsidiary[edit]

In 2012, after the financial and logistics management investigation of MTS-Uzbekistan, General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan launched a criminal case against “Uzdunrobita” on evasion of taxes and other obligatory payments to large-scale, employment activities without license, legalization of proceeds from criminal activity and other crimes.[1] It was ascertained that in the period 2008-2012 the company which was led by Akhmedov, made the damage to the government up to 418.266 billion UZS.[2]

Akhmedov illegally rendered goods, works and services for 306.683 billion soums (around $161mln) through regional branches.[3] Through illegal mechanisms, Akhmedov managed to dodge taxes for 34.628 bln UZS (around $18 mln)[4] Akhmedov received bonuses not only in cash, but also in 2012 he was presented a villa in elite cottage village “Gorki-8” near Rublevo-Uspensk highway in Moscow.[5][6] June 27, 2012 Prosecutor General’s Office stated on their website that investigation revealed that officials of the MTS-Uzbekistan dodge taxes and violated other laws. Based on investigation, Akhmedov was charged in his absence.[7]

On June 13, (in other sources 19)[8] MTS President Andrey Dubovskov in his letter to prosecutor stated that MTS was indrawn to doubtful and illegal schemes of cashing money and tax evasion, and accused Akhmedov and other managers of MTS-Uzbekistan in dishonest management[9][10] Also in the letter it was stated that MTS’s headquarters is in concerns that Akhmedov does not come to work and hiding instead explaining conditions and eliminating violations.[11][12]

Therefore, president of the MTS requested Prosecutor General’s Office of Uzbekistan to cooperate and use available international mechanism to find Bekhzod Akhmedov[13][14] Afterwards, Akhmedov became a wanted by INTERPOL.[15][16][17][18]

On June 28, the Prosecutor General’s Office stated that Akhmedov escaped from Tashkent to Yerevan, where he met with vice-president of the MTS Raspopov and they left to Moscow; therefore MTS’s willingness to cooperate in investigation is under concern.[19] At the same day MTS published their press-release which completely differed from the primary position of the company. Press-release accused Uzbekistan officials for unfounded charges.[20]

Later, it became known that Akhmedov actually escaped Uzbekistan on June 6, 2012 when he left to Kazakhstan. From there on June 9 on the flight of KC911 he flew to Istanbul and then to Paris. Afterwards, on the flight 2560 he flew to Yerevan and then on June 19 he left to Moscow, where he stays until now.[21]

Scandal around ТeliaSonera[edit]

When scandal erupted around entry of the Swedish mobile operator TeliaSonera regarding their work in Uzbekistan, Akhmedov was mentioned as a partner. Akhmedov was presented as an agent of eldest daughter of President of Uzbekistan. As it became known later he was not her agent and used her name to achieve personal goals – was stated in Swiss economic journal[22]


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