Belenois zochalia

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Belenois zochalia
Forest White male 20 03 2011 2.JPG
Male B. z. zochalia from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Forest White female 20 03 2011 2.JPG
Female B. z. zochalia from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Clade: Euarthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Pieridae
Genus: Belenois
Species: B. zochalia
Binomial name
Belenois zochalia
(Boisduval, 1836)[1]
  • Pieris zochalia Boisduval, 1836
  • Pieris agrippinides Holland, 1896
  • Pieris hyoma Boisduval, 1836
  • Pieris zochalia var. immaculata Wichgraf, 1913
  • Pieris zochalia var. pondoana Neustetter, 1916
  • Pieris zochalia var. pondoana ab. flavipennis Neustetter, 1916
  • Pieris zochalia f. reducta Le Doux, 1923
  • Pieris zochalia f. grisea Le Doux, 1923
  • Pieris zochalia f. elly Le Doux, 1923
  • Belenois zochalia f. silvano Stoneham, 1957
  • Belenois zochalia f. marjoria Stoneham, 1957
  • Belenois formosa Butler, 1898
  • Belenois zochalia var. ochracea Heron, 1909
  • Pieris zochalia ab. bryki Aurivillius, 1925
  • Belenois zochalia agrippinides f. latilimbalis Talbot, 1943
  • Belenois zochalia f. veronica Stoneham, 1957
  • Pieris crawshayi connexiva Joicey & Talbot, 1927
  • Belenois zochalia camerunica Bernardi, 1966
  • Pieris zochalia galla Ungemach, 1932
  • Pieris zochalia depunctata Ungemach, 1932

Belenois zochalia, the forest white or forest caper white, is a butterfly of the family Pieridae. It is found in Africa.

Side view of female B. z. zochalia

The wingspan is 40–50 mm. Adults are on wing year-round in warm areas.[2]

The larvae feed on Capparis species, Maerua cafra and Maerua racemulosa.



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