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Area B was one of the eight district electoral areas (DEA) which existed in Belfast, Northern Ireland from 1973 to 1985. Located in the east of the city, the district elected seven members to Belfast City Council and contained the wards of Ballyhackamore; Belmont; Bloomfield; Island; Knock; Shandon; and Stormont. The DEA formed part of the Belfast East constituency.


The area was created for the 1973 local government elections, combining the whole of the former Victoria ward with just under half of the former Pottinger ward. It was abolished for the 1985 local government elections, for which an eighth ward had been created in the area. The Bloomfield ward became part of a new Pottinger DEA, while the remaining seven wards formed the Victoria DEA.

Election results[edit]


Belfast A[1]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
UUP Joshua Cardwell 6,708
UUP John Allen 3,910
United Loyalist H. K. Dickey 3,371
Alliance Michael Brown 2,549
UUP Thomas Patton 1,833
UUP William Corry 1,488
UUP Dorothy Dunlop 1,428
Alliance D. Wonnacott 1,205
UUP H. Cranston 1,085
Alliance Coulson 878
NI Labour W. J. Gunning 631
Alliance Miller 534
NI Labour Conway 507
NI Labour Kirkpatrick 332
Turnout 26,788


Belfast B[1]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Unionist Party NI Joshua Cardwell 2,722
Alliance Oliver Napier 2,703
UUP Tommy Patton 2,209
Alliance Michael Brown 2,045
UUP John Allen 1,903
DUP H. B. Evans 1,058
UUUP Reg Empey 981
DUP T. McIntyre 920
Alliance D. Wonnacott 781
UUP William Corry 664
NI Labour W. J. Gunning 631
UUP Dorothy Dunlop 622
UUP J. Hanna 541
UUUP S. Morgan 237
Turnout 18,741
Unionist Party NI gain from Ulster Unionist
Democratic Unionist gain from United Loyalist
Alliance gain from Ulster Unionist


Belfast B[1]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Alliance Oliver Napier 2,631
DUP Henry Evans 2,513
Unionist Party NI Joshua Cardwell 2,327
DUP Bill Morrison 2,152
UUP Tommy Patton 2,083
UUP William Corry 1,733
Alliance Michael Brown 1,602
DUP S. Foster 1,464
UUP Dorothy Dunlop 1,248
DUP A. Greer 979
Alliance S. G. Coulson 647
NI Labour D. McKee 548
New Ulster Political Research D. P. Scott 434
SDLP Peter Prendiville 236
Turnout 21,838
Democratic Unionist gain from Ulster Unionist