1974 Belizean general election

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1974 Belizean general election
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← 1969 30 October 1974 1979 →

All 18 seats in the Belize House of Representatives
  First party Second party
  George Cadle Price
Leader George Cadle Price Dean Lindo
Leader since 1956 1974
Leader's seat Freetown candidate in Fort George
Last election 17 seats (new party)
Seats won 12 6
Seat change Decrease 5 Increase 6
Popular vote 12,269 9,069
Percentage 52.66% 38.93%
Swing Decrease 6.19 Increase 38.93

Premier before election

George Cadle Price

Elected Premier

George Cadle Price

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A legislative election was held in Belize on 30 October 1974. Belizeans elected 18 members to the House of Representatives. The election was the first since the country was officially renamed from British Honduras in 1973.

The ruling People's United Party (PUP) won the largest share (12) of seats in the election. The United Democratic Party – formed the previous year by a merger of the National Independence Party, People's Development Movement and Liberal Party – ran for the first time in this election, winning six seats.[1] The UDP fielded candidates nationwide except in Corozal District, where it supported candidates from the Corozal United Front. The UDP absorbed the CUF after the election.[2]

Election results[edit]

e • d Summary of the 30 October 1974 Belize House of Representatives election results
Parties Votes % Seats
People's United Party 12,269 52.66 12
United Democratic Party 9,069 38.93 6
Corozal United Front 1,039 4.46 -
United Black Association for Development 89 0.38 -
Independents 832 3.57 -
Total valid votes 23,298 100.00 18
Invalid votes 513
Total votes cast (turnout: 70.6%) 23,811
Registered voters 33,737