Bella Nisan

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This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs; the patronymic is Alexandrovna and the family name is Nisan.
Bella Nisan
Белла Нисан
Born Derbent, USSR
Residence Israel, Russia
  • USSR
  • Russia
Fields Ophthalmology
Institutions the Moscow Health Department
Alma mater Pirogov National Medical Research University
Thesis Russian: «Клинико-физиологический метод коррекции нарушений зрения при заболеваниях сетчатки и зрительного нерва, как альтернатива хирургическим методам лечения».

Bella Alexandrovna Nisan (Russian: Белла Александровна Нисан) is a Russian ophthalmologist,[1][2] founder of modern methods of vision disorder correction. She is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology[3][4][5][6] and a well-known proponent of the use of jet-injection devices in medicine.[7]


Bella Nisan left school in 1976 and graduated from The Second Pirogov Medical University of Order of Lenin (now Pirogov National Medical Research University) in 1982.

During 1985-1987 Nisan was a head of Complex and Special Vision Correction Laboratory of Moscow Healthcare Department. Since 1987 till 1991 she was A Chief Doctor of the Optical Salon of Eye Microsurgery Complex (currently Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex).

During 1991-1995 Nisan worked in the Contact, Complex and Special Vision Correction Center under auspices of Professor I. Elyakim in Tel Aviv (Israel);[8] since 1995 till 1998 she was a head of Bausch & Lomb Company’s professional service (former USSR Department). In 2000 Nisan’s work, devoted to the clinical and physiological methods of vision correction of retina and optic nerve diseases, became widely known in academic community. At that period Dr. Nisan got her PhD in Medicine.[9][10][11]

Since 1998 till 2001 Nisan was a Head Lecturer of Optometry and Contact Vision correction Course of Vision disease Department at the Federation Institute for Biomedical Problems of the Healthcare Ministry of the Russian Federation.[12][13] In 2001 Nisan got a title of Associate Professor.[14][15] Since 2001 till 2011 she was a head of the Eye Disease Department of Pediatrics at Russian State Medical University (now Pirogov National Medical Research University).[16][17][18]

Since 2011 till now Nisan has been a leading expert at Moscow Healthcare Department. Nowadays, she is a Fellow of the International Association of Contact Lens Educators[19] and the European Academy of Natural Sciences[20][21][22][23] and the author of over 50 publications in international medical resources.[24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33]

Notable works[edit]

  • Children and contact lenses. 2005
  • Correction of slight astigmatism using soft toric contact lenses. 2011
  • International aspects of vision impairment — socially significant pathology — preventive measures. 2012


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