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Belle is a French feminine given name meaning "beautiful", sometimes a short form (hypocorism) of Isabella. It may refer to:


  • Isabella Belle Kendrick Abbott (1842–1893), American author
  • Belle Baker (1893–1957), American singer and actress
  • Belle Baranceanu (1902–1988), American artist
  • Belle Benchley (1882–1972), American director of the San Diego Zoo from 1927 to 1953
  • Belle Bennett (1891–1932), American stage and screen actress
  • Isabella Belle Boyd (1843–1900), Confederate spy during the American Civil War
  • Belle Brezing (1860–1940), American brothel owner, believed to be the model for Belle Watling in Gone with the Wind
  • Belle Chrystall (1910–2003), British actress
  • Belle Cole (1845–1905), American singer
  • Belle Cooledge (1884–1955), American politician, first female mayor of Sacramento, California
  • Belle Gunness (1859–1908), Norwegian-American female serial killer
  • Belle Kinney Scholz (1890–1959), Euro-American sculptor
  • Belle Goshorn MacCorkle (1841–1923), American former First Lady of West Virginia
  • Belle Mitchell (1889–1979), American film actress
  • Belle Montrose (1886–1963), Irish-American actress and vaudeville performer born Isabelle Donohue
  • Isabella Belle Moore (1894–1975), Scottish freestyle swimmer
  • Belle Moskowitz (1877–1933), political advisor to New York Governor and 1928 presidential candidate Al Smith
  • Belle Perez, stage name of Maribel Pérez (born 1976), Flemish musician and songwriter
  • Belle Reynolds (1840–1937), American heroine of the American Civil War
  • Ruth Isabel Belle Skinner (1866–1928), American businesswoman
  • Belle Starr (1848–1889), American outlaw born Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr
  • Belle Story (c. 1887 - ?), American vaudeville performer and singer

Fictional characters[edit]