Belleisle, New Brunswick

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Belleisle is an informal geographic region in the Canadian province of New Brunswick in the lower Saint John River valley.

Situated around Belleisle Bay, the area is predominantly agricultural and functions as a summer community for many cottage-goers from nearby Saint John. The region is divided between Kings County and Queens County.

Communities in the region[edit]






Belleisle Elementary School is where children go to attend Kindergarten to grade 5. Students attend Belleisle Regional High School for grade 6-12. The schools are located on opposite sides of the road (Route 124) in Springfield. The schools belong to School District 6.

Summer camp[edit]

Camp Pascobac brochure 1965

Camp Pascobac is a resident camp for boys located on Belleisle Bay, founded in 1928. It provides instruction in boating and canoeing, craft development, fishing and other community activities. The camp is run by the local YMCA and runs for approximately four weeks in the summer.

Coordinates: 45°43′48.6″N 65°43′19.6″W / 45.730167°N 65.722111°W / 45.730167; -65.722111