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Belvidere Community Unit School District 100 is a unified school district located in Belvidere, the county seat of Boone County, Illinois. The school district is composed of twelve schools in all, with all schools being located in the city limits of Belvidere with the exception of Caledonia Elementary School in Caledonia, Illinois. All in all, there are five elementary schools, one STEM academy, two middle schools, two high schools, one alternative high school, and one early childhood program center. The current superintendent is Daniel Woestman.[1]

Belvidere High School, the first of the two high schools, is headed by Billy Lewist; it encompasses the grades 9-12.[citation needed]

Belvidere North High School does the same, although it serves outside the actual city of Belvidere. It is directed by Marc Eckmann.[2]

Belvidere Endeavor High School, an alternative high school, is located in the Boone County Center.

Belvidere South Middle School, the larger of the two middle schools, is located in the southern reaches of the city Belvidere. The principal of Belvidere South is now Ben Commare.[3]

Belvidere Central Middle School, which is located just outside the city proper, serves grades six through eight. The principal of Belvidere Central is Janelle Raine.[4]

Caledonia Elementary School, which serves the village of Caledonia's K-5th graders, is governed by Sara Kirchner.[5]

Lincoln Elementary School, like Perry Elementary School and Meehan Elementary School, all serve the city of Belvidere's K-5th Graders. Beth Marchini is principal of Lincoln Elementary.[6] Meehan's principal is Michael Yates[7] and the principal of Perry is Jody Dahlseng.[8]

Seth Whitman Elementary School, which serves the same grades and city as the previous three elementary schools, is located directly next to Belvidere North High School. Joyann Kirschbaum manages the school.[9]

Washington Academy encompasses K-6, but will add seventh grade at the start of the 2012 school year and add eighth grade at the start of the 2013 school year. It is a STEM academy. The principal is Megan Johnson.[10]

Lastly, the early childhood program for this district is held at Boone County Center, and is directed by Sheri Smith.[11]

The average of school grades place this school at or just over the state average.[12]

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