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Ben Ripley

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Ben Ripley
Born Lawrenceville, New Jersey[1]
Occupation Screenwriter
Known for Source Code

Ben Ripley is an American screenwriter best known for writing the science-fiction thriller Source Code[2] directed by Duncan Jones.[3][4] Ripley is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Southern California's USC School of Cinema-Television.


Ripley sold his spec script for Source Code in 2007 to Universal Studios. It was ranked as one of the top unproduced screenplays in the annual Hollywood black list.[5] In an interview with the Writers Guild of America, Ripley talked about his script and the uncertainty over its production:

Yeah, it was agony. And I wrote it on spec. I wasn't certain it would ever see the light of day. One thing that kept me going though was that I had a suspicion that if I got this right, it could really open a new level for my writing career. At that point, I'd spent about four years doing studio rewrites on horror movies that were never getting made. I knew that if I showed up with another spec script, I'd have to show up with something very different that took chances. That motivated me to keep going until it seemed right.[6]



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