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Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen (born 14 August 1982) is a British web developer, entrepreneur, and journalist. He became known for his enterprises as a teenager, his dispute with Apple computers over the domain "", and as the founder of LGBT news site From 2006 until 2012 he was technology correspondent for Channel 4 News in the UK.[1] Cohen has a diagnosis of MS.[2] He campaigns on gay and disabled rights and is now the Chief Executive of PinkNews,[3] and regularly writes for the London Evening Standard.[4]

Early life[edit]

In 1998, at the age of sixteen, Cohen started the website, an early social networking community which later became, with GB£150, and floated it on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) ten months later.[5] The company controlling the website, which Cohen had a 10–15% stake in, along with investors, was valued at £5 million in September 1998.[5] The Daily Telegraph reported that he exchanged his stake in this company to AIM-quoted Totally plc for £310,000 in an all-share deal; yet when Cohen later sold half of his stake, these shares were worth just £40,000.[6]

Business life[edit]

Cohen attracted media attention because of a legal dispute with Apple over the domain name In November 2000, two weeks after Apple lodged its UK trademark application for the term 'iTunes', Cohen's company CyberBritain Group registered the domain name and redirected it to a music search engine.[7] Cohen's company's actions were considered to be "abusive" by the independent expert appointed by the arbiter Nominet and his company was required to transfer the domain name to Apple.[8] In 2001, Cohen was involved with a search engine for internet pornography ( which formed part of his internet portal. Cohen was reported as stating that CyberBritain company revenue was £12,000 per month at this time. The company filed a Companies House return showing a total yearly profit of £165 up to 31 March 2001.[6]

His Channel 4 News profile describes him as having been the youngest ever director of a public company. In 2006 he joined Channel 4 News as a technology correspondent at the age of 23, the youngest correspondent to have been appointed in the programme's history.[9] He produced a variety of original investigations during his time at Channel 4 News, including an award-winning exposé of security flaws in contactless credit card use.[10]

He writes for PinkNews regularly, which he created in 2005.[11] Between 2004 and 2006, Cohen wrote a column on e-business for The Times under the heading " millionaire".

Charitable work[edit]

Cohen was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis shortly after joining Channel 4 News.[2] [12] In 2010, he joined the board of trustees of the Nobel Peace Prize winning global disability charity, Handicap International.[13] He is also a trustee of the LGBT arts charity, Wise Thoughts.[14] and joined an "it gets better" campaign.[15]

In May 2012, Cohen founded the Out4Marriage campaign for marriage equality in the United Kingdom which features politicians, religious leaders and celebrities explaining on YouTube videos why they support changing the law to allow gay couples to marry.[16]


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