Benjamin Wistar Morris (colonist)

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Benjamin Wistar Morris (sometimes spelled "Wister"; 1762–1825)[1] was the founder of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Samuel Wells Morris, Morris' son, was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. His grandson was Episcopal bishop Benjamin Wistar Morris, II, and his great grandson was Benjamin Wistar Morris, III, a noted architect.

Morris was the son of Captain Samuel and Rebecca (Wistar) Morris.[2] Benjamin Morris, an agent of the Pine Creek Land Company, settled in Tioga County, Pennsylvania about 1805 with his wife Mary Wells Morris.[3] Wellsboro may have been named in honor of Mary or a member of Mary's family.[3] William Wells, Mary's brother, was a leader of the land company for whom Benjamin worked.[3] At the time they settled in the county, the Morris' log house was the only home in what is now the borough of Wellsboro.[3]


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