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Beracah is a valley in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). It was named the "Valley of Blessings ("blessing" is "Berakhah" in Hebrew) by Jehoshaphat after his victory over Moab and Ammon, as is recounted in the Book of Chronicles.

The valley is on the main road from Hebron to Jerusalem.

According to Chronicles, Jehoshaphat gathered his people together and prayed to God for deliverance. God answered his prayer by stirring up the enemy to kill each other. When Jehoshaphat and his army entered the valley the enemy had completely destroyed themselves. The army took three days to collect the valuables of the enemy including gold, silver, and precious jewels. Hence the valley was called "The Valley of Blessing".


2 Chronicles 20:1-30

Coordinates: 31°38′1.94″N 35°7′3.76″E / 31.6338722°N 35.1177111°E / 31.6338722; 35.1177111