1983 Bermudian general election

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General elections were held in Bermuda on 4 February 1983.[1] The result was a victory for the United Bermuda Party, which won 26 of the 40 seats.

Electoral system[edit]

The 40 members of the House of Assembly were elected in 20 two-member constituencies. Voters had two votes, with the two candidates with the highest vote number being elected.


Of the 29,958 registered voters, 24,163 cast valid votes.[1] In 18 constituencies both elected members were from the same party, whilst two constituencies elected one member of the United Bermuda Party and one from the Progressive Labour Party.[1]

Party Votes % Seats +/-
United Bermuda Party 27,081 56.60 26 +4
Progressive Labour Party 20,765 43.40 14 –4
Invalid/blank votes
Total 47,846 100 40 0
Registered voters/turnout 29,958
Source: Parliamentary Registry


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