Bertil Bothén

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Bertil Bothén
Personal information
Born14 July 1892 (1892-07-14)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Died23 March 1966 (1966-03-24) (aged 73)
Gothenburg, Sweden
RelativesBjörn Bothén (brother)
Achievements and titles
Olympic finals1912 Summer Olympics, 4th place

Bertil "Bo" Bothén (14 July 1892 – 23 March 1966) was a Swedish sailor who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics.[1] In 1912, he was a crew member of the Swedish boat Marga which finished fourth in the 10 metre class competition.[2][3]

Bothén was born in Gothenburg, Sweden 14 July 1892 and is brother to Björn Bothén, a fellow Marga crew member. Bo Bothén died on 23 March 1966 in Gothenburg at the age of 73.[2]


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