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Jump to navigation Jump to search was an online prediction market company started in 2007 by Emile Servan-Schreiber and Maurice Balick, as an offshoot to their NewsFutures. Bet2Give's premise was that having the winnings going automatically to a charity of the winner's choice wouldn't seriously interfere with the efficacy of the prediction market. Servan-Schreiber had conducted research a few years earlier into whether betting with "play money" reduced prediction market accuracy, with encouraging results.[1]

The company offered typical prediction markets, such as betting on the outcomes of political races.[2] It attracted some attention for featuring a bet on the Boeing 787 schedule slipping past the announced date.[3][4][5][6]

The company attracted some praise,[7] but also criticism, in particular for trendiness, with one commentator saying it reflected "the tendency to stick a gift to a non-profit into any other kind of financial transaction just to draw eyeballs to a site or customers to a store."[8]


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