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The Beta Taurids (β–Taurids) are an annual meteor shower belonging to a class of "daytime showers" that peak after sunrise.

The Beta Taurids are normally active from June 5 to July 18.[1] They emanate from an average radiant of RA=5h18m, DECL=+21.2 deg and exhibit maximum activity around June 28–29 (Solar Longitude=98.3 deg). The maximum hourly rate typically reaches about 25 as seen on radar.[1] Non-radio observers are faced with a very difficult prospect, because the center of the Beta Taurid radiant is just 10 degrees or so west of the Sun on June 28.[2]

These Beta Taurids are the same meteoroid stream as the Taurids (which form a meteor shower in late October). The Earth intersects this stream of debris twice, once in late October and once in late June, forming two separate meteor showers. However, because the October event occurs at night, it is far more visible and better known than the Beta Taurids, which peak the during daylight hours.

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