Betrayal of the Dove

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Betrayal of the Dove
Directed byStrathford Hamilton
Written byRobby Benson
Karla DeVito
StarringHelen Slater
Billy Zane
Harvey Korman
Heather Lind
David L. Lander
Music bySasha Matson
CinematographyDavid Lewis
Edited byMarcy Levitas Hamilton
Prism Entertainment
Distributed byLIVE Entertainment
Release date
April 28, 1993
Running time
94 min.
CountryUnited States

Betrayal of the Dove is a 1993 American suspense film starring Helen Slater, Billy Zane, and Heather Lind[1] in a screenplay co-written by actor-turned-author Robby Benson.[2]


Single mother Ellie West (Helen Slater), who is struggling to cut-free a deadbeat ex-husband (Alan Thicke), finds love with surgeon Dr. Jesse Peter (Billy Zane), who she meets at the consult for upcoming out-patient surgery. Encouraged by her close friend Una (Kelly Le Brock) and supportive boss Sid (Harvey Korman), she proceeds quickly but then has an unusual reaction when she is put under in the operating room, much to the dismay of the lead anesthesiologist (Stuart Pankin). Post-surgery, Ellie begins to see strange signs indicating that she and her daughter Autumn (Heather Lind) may be in danger but she does not know why or of whom to be wary. Furthermore, Norman, a timid admirer (David L. Lander) may be the key to piecing together the bizarre alarms of danger going off all around Ellie.[3]



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