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Betsey may refer to:


  • Betsey Armstrong (born 1983), female water polo goalkeeper from the United States
  • Betsey Bayless, the Republican Secretary of State of Arizona 1997–2003
  • Betsey Guppy Chamberlain (1797–1886), Native American writer of sketches and poetry
  • Betsey Mix Cowles (1810–1876), early leader in the United States abolitionist movement
  • Betsey Johnson (born 1942), American fashion designer
  • Betsey Stevenson, economist, Associate Professor of Public Policy at the University of Michigan
  • Betsey Stockton (1798–1865), African-American educator and missionary
  • Betsey Cushing Roosevelt Whitney (1908–1998), American philanthropist, daughter-in-law of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Betsey Wright (born 1943), American lobbyist, activist, and political consultant who worked for Bill Clinton in Arkansas
  • Betsey Wynne (born 1778), the main author of the extensive Wynne Diaries, wife of the Royal Navy officer Thomas Fremantle (1765–1819)


  • Betsey Brown, African-American literature young-adult fiction novel by Ntozake Shange, published in 1985
  • XOX Betsey Johnson, American reality television series on the Style Network
  • Betsey Trotwood, fictional character from Charles Dickens' 1850 novel David Copperfield

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