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Beurre Rose is a cultured milk butter produced in Luxembourg under the Marque Nationale of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is sometimes consumed as a spread, but most commonly used as an ingredient in a variety of sweet and savory dishes.[1]


The designation "Beurre de Marque Nationale Luxembourgeois" was established in 1932 by specific legislation. In 1970, the legislation was amended to establish a national protected brand name for Luxembourg butter.[2] It holds a PDO classification in Europe, which it received in 2000.[3]

Its name is derived from the “pink” quality label the Luxembourg state has awarded it for its various properties such as its spreadability and its taste.[4]

Production Method[edit]

Beurre Rose was previously made in the traditional way, but today it is made using continuous churning methods. The butter is checked 15 times a year chemically and organoleptically by sampling. This inspection is carried out in addition to all the usual tests for quality and hygiene that are carried out on all food products.[2][5]


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