Beyond Singularity

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Beyond Singularity
Author Edited by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois
Country United States
Language English
Series Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois Ace anthology series
Genre Science fiction anthology
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 288 pp
ISBN 978-0-441-01363-0
OCLC 62349178
LC Class CPB Box no. 2431 vol. 14
Preceded by Robots
Followed by Futures Past

Beyond Singularity (ISBN 978-0441013630) is a science fiction anthology edited by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois. It was published in 2005, and includes stories on the theme of "beyond singularity" that were originally published from 1960 to 2004, though mostly from the last few years of that range. It is the 33rd book in their anthology series for Ace Books.

The book itself, as well as each of the stories, has a short preface by the editors. The preface to the book discusses Vernor Vinge's role in popularizing the concept of the technological singularity, and credits Charles Stross with "[what] may be the most complete vision yet of life beyond the Singularity". Authors they credit with writing convincingly about the singularity who are not included in this book, are Brian Stableford, Stephen Baxter, Bruce Sterling, Greg Bear, Iain Banks, Nancy Kress, Alastair Reynolds, Peter F. Hamilton, Ian McDonald, and Vernor Vinge.


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