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Bhaddar is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°46′47″N 73°59′29″E / 32.7797518°N 73.9915036°E / 32.7797518; 73.9915036Coordinates: 32°46′47″N 73°59′29″E / 32.7797518°N 73.9915036°E / 32.7797518; 73.9915036
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Elevation 215 m (705 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Bhaddar is a village in Kharian Tehsil, Gujrat District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located at 31° 56' 30N 74° 2' 47E with an altitude of 215 metres (708 feet)[1] and is also chief town of Union Council Bhaddar which is an administrative subdivision of the Tehsil.[2]


Bhaddar is an old village. There is evidence that this town was established in the 16th century. Before the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs used to live here in harmony. There are still the ruins of pre-independence buildings here.

Popular Political Persons: Dr Farooq ch (chief dental consultant) Ch. Akbar Ali. Col. Muhammad Shafique Chaudhry, Tamghae-Imtiaz, Ch Liaqat bhaddar, Muhammad Siddique Butt, Ch Bashir Bhaddar(france),Ch Arif Bhaddar,Ch Tariq bhaddar ,Ch Ansar Bhaddar, chacha chaudhary Sajjad Mehar,Master Shafiq,chaudhary shakell mehar,(late) ch allah ditta shakir,(late)ch intezar mehar

Religious People :

Ch. Akbar Ali.Mulana Qari Attaullah Bhaddar (Mimber District Peace Cominitee Gujrat),M.D Almanhal Islamic Institute Bhaddar Regd.Hafiz Zaka ullah Siddiqui Principal Almanhal Islamic Institute Bhaddar.Hafiz Qasim omar (M.A Islamiat ,Arabic) Hafiz Rehan Siddique Butt (M.A Islamiat ,Arabic) Ch Abdul Ghafoor Bhaddar,the founder of Fatima tu Zahra madrasa Ch Tassawar Bhaddar, Ch Akmal Bhaddar,Ch Aurangzaib Bhaddar,Master  Bhaddar,Shamshair Bhaddar,

Educated Famous Persons:

Dr Farooq Ch(bds d'mont), Ch. Akbar Ali.Col. Muhammad Shafique Chaudhry, Tamghae-Imtiaz. Dr. Umar Shafique Chaudhry, MBBS, MD.(USA). Qaiser Latif Bhaddar(MIT,MA POL SCIENCE,B.ED) Saai TALAT Bhaddar(Mphil in Islamic Study,B.ed), Zulfiqar Haider ,Jawad Haider,Master Mubasher Bhaddar,Ali Mumtaz Bhaddar(MA POL SCIENCE),Qasim Razzaq(MSC ECONOMICS),Master Sajjad Bhaddar,Dr Umair Farooq Ch(bds), Ch Tauqir Bhaddar, Dr. BILAL Irshad Bhaddar (D.H.M.S, R.H.M.P) (D.C.H.M), (D.P.T), (D.M.L.T), (Member Social Welfare Society NIRM Hospital Islamabad), Ch Imran Siddique M.Sc (Health & Physical Education), M.A (Pol Science), Dr. Zubair Ahmed Ranjah, MBBS, Dr. Noorain Mushtaq, MBBS.


The population of Bhaddar is estimated to be 14,000 and belongs to the Bhaddar clan of Jats. The population is 98.21% Muslim with a Sunni Hanafi majority. The largest non-Muslim minority is Christians and make up 1.31% of the population.