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Bhākarwadi , also spelled as Bakarwadi, is a traditional sweet and spicy snack. Bhakaharwadi are from Two Different Origin one is from Vadodara Gujarat and another is from Pune Maharastra. Gujarati Bhakharwadi had been popularised by Bhailalbhai Thakkar Jagdish Foods Family. While Maharastrian bhakaharwadi is believed to have originated in Pune.It was popularized by Raghunathrao Chitale, a Maharashtrian. The Bakarwadi from Pune is famous, especially the ones of Chitale Bandhu. It is made from gram flour dough made into spirals stuffed with a mixture of coconut, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. It is then fried until it gets crispy. It can be stored for weeks[1] and enjoyed as an evening snack.[2]

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