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BigAirBAG is a Dutch enterprise specialized in the popularization of a soft, inflatable cushion[1] designed to smooth and secure the impact from landing tricks while snowboarding, skiing, free-style skiing, BMX, mountain biking, mountain boarding and indoor climbing. BigAirBAG also stands for the name of the cushion. It is used for training and entertainment for both professional and amateur riders.[2]


The company was established in 2004 by Dutch snowboarders who wanted to improve their technical skills while having fun and without risking injuries. The BigAirBAG first gained popularity in the indoor parks throughout the Netherlands (SnowPlanet, SnowWorld[3] ). Within two years, resorts around Europe and the world got their first BigAirBAGs. The BAB utilizes the latest tendency in the extreme sports to push the execution of the free style tricks to the limit.

BigAirBAG Technology[edit]


The BigAirBAG is built upon the ‘fall cushion’ concept used in professional stunts. The BAB incorporates two air ‘pillows’: the down one is firm, ensuring stability while the upper one is soft, enabling smoothness of the fall. Two electrical blowers are placed in the sides of the bag to keep it afloat while it is being used. It is (normally) placed in front of a kicker/in run and when a rider lands on it, the holes in the upper layer let air out thus absorbing the fall. The BAB has additional layers on the top (‘impact deck’) and on the sides to protect the cushions of damage. There are three sizes of the bag: 15x9m (49x30ft), 15x11m (49x30ft) and 17x11m (56x36ft). Recently full color graphics have been incorporated for branding the top and side decks. The decks are hand painted.[4]


So far in Europe, the BigAirBAG is featured in 44 resort parks, in countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, Spain, etc. Around the world, BigAirBAG is situated also in Dubai,[5] Lebanon, Chile, New Zealand,[6] Iran, etc. It is in partnership with Danish social network My Snowparks enabling users to map the resorts, share information about the parks, the weather conditions, etc.[7] The BigAirBAG is also a part of Swatch summer and winter parks.[8]


The BigAirBAG regularly supports events in the Netherlands and worldwide. For five years now, they have had events and free style camps in Spaarnwoude, Den Bosch,[9] Utrecht,[10] Norway (Tacky Invitational Hafjell[11] ), Andorra, Italy, etc. In 2006 BigAirBAG provided the support for the professional snowboarders competing for the world’s record in airtime in David Benedek’s Red Bull Gap Session.


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