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Big Game TV
Launched 13 May 2005
Sky Digital Channel 849

Big Game TV (stylised as BIG Game TV!) was a live phone-in quiz channel that was broadcast via Sky Broadcasting in 2005.[1] It released a spin-off, The Hallmark Channel Quiz on 6 March 2006, which was shown on The Hallmark Channel. The show used only three of the presenters.

Big Game TV Productions added The Daily Quiz! 13 March 2006. This show aired on ITV Play and on Men & Motors seven days a week and featured a selection of Big Game TV's presenters. ITV ended their involvement with Big Game TV due to fraud allegations in May 2006.[2]


Big Game TV was the subject of a City of London Police investigation brought by the BBC Radio 4 programme You and Yours in May 2006 over allegations that receptionists were told to ignore all incoming calls for long periods of time while 150-200 calls per minute were charged 75p each.[3][4] The channel was later called before a parliamentary committee.[5]

After investigating, the City of London Police said no charges would be brought against the channel.[6]

NTL removed the channel from their channel line-up on 7 June.[7] The channel closed down entirely after leaving Sky in early 2007, after some bad press for the call-TV industry.[8][9]



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