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Big L
Frequency1395 kHz AM (South East England/The Netherlands)
Format1955–present day
OwnerBig L Limited

Big L is the name of a broadcasting company registered by the British licensing authority Ofcom from 11 June 2002 to 10 June 2003 for a satellite radio service known as Big L. The license states that the station "… will provide an eclectic mix of rock and pop, both modern and classic. News and weather will be broadcast hourly. The service will be in English language and will be free to air." The station is owned by Big L Limited. Though the station targets audience in the United Kingdom, advertisers develop their commercials mainly to reach English speakers in the Netherlands.

Station licence[edit]

The station's Ofcom licence states the station is under the ownership of Big L Limited, 1 Colmore Crescent, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9SJ.

Independent media evaluation of Big L 1395[edit]

Big L 1395 was featured on Channel 4 programme Get Your Act Together With Harvey Goldsmith in an episode broadcast 17 April 2007. Presenter Harvey Goldsmith attempted to improve the fortunes of the station but met with resistance and failed to deliver on his promises.

Transmitter information[edit]

The station broadcast on 1395 kHz (215 m) Medium Wave from a transmitter in the Netherlands,[1] and the Internet.

Big L returned to 1395 kHz on 3 December 2009,[2] but on 25 January 2011 this 1395 kHz transmitter was switched off and the station currently broadcasts on the internet only.[citation needed]


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