Big School-Break

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Big School-Break
Big School-Break.jpg
Created byGosteleradio
Written byAleksei Korenev
Georgi Sadovnikov
Directed byAleksei Korenev
StarringMikhail Kononov
Aleksandr Zbruyev
Evgeni Leonov
Rolan Bykov
Lyudmila Kasatkina
Theme music composerEduard Kolmanovsky
Country of originSoviet Union
Original language(s)Russian
No. of episodes4
CinematographyAnatoly Mukasey
Running time268 min
Original releaseMosfilm
T/O Ekran
1972 –

Big School-Break (or Big Break translit. Bolshaya Peremena, Russian: Большая перемена) is a Soviet 1972 TV miniseries in 4 episodes. Its USA screen name is The Long Recess, and it is loosely based on Georgi Sadovnikov's novel "Walk towards people" (Иду к людям).

Plot summary[edit]

Nestor Petrovich Severov, a student preparing to start his PhD in Russian history, has his ego bruised by his girl-friend, who beats him on their entrance exam. He starts working at a night school, having had his spot at a graduate program taken away by the young woman. He soon finds out that teaching adults can be very hard, especially when they aren't willing to learn.


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