Big Smash!

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Big Smash!
Wreckless Eric Big Smash.jpg
Studio album by Wreckless Eric
Released 1980
Genre Rock
Label Stiff Records
Producer Bazza
Wreckless Eric chronology
The Wonderful World of Wreckless Eric
(1978)The Wonderful World of Wreckless Eric1978
Big Smash!
The Donovan of Trash
(1991)The Donovan of Trash1991
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Smash Hits 8/10[1]

Wreckless Eric's third album was released as a double LP (SEEZ 21) and as cassette (ZSEES 21) on February 29, 1980. While the first LP comprised new material, the extra LP was the U.S.-only, compilation album The Whole Wide World.
Big Smash! was re-issued as a 2-CD set in 2007 with 3 bonus tracks (CDSEEZ 21).[2]

Track Listing Double LP - 1980[edit]

Side 1[edit]

  1. "A Popsong"
  2. "Tonight (Is My Night)"
  3. "Too Busy"
  4. "Broken Doll"
  5. "Can I Be Your Hero?"
  6. "Back In My Hometown"

Side 2[edit]

  1. "It'll Soon Be The Weekend"
  2. "Strange Towns"
  3. "Excuse Me"
  4. "Break My Mind"
  5. "Good Conversation"
  6. "Out Of The Blue"
  7. "A Popsong (reprise)"

Side 3[edit]

  1. "(I'd Go The) Whole Wide World"
  2. "Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.)"
  3. "Let's Go To The Pictures" (Alternate version)
  4. "Walking On The Surface Of The Moon" (Alternate version)
  5. "Hit & Miss Judy"
  6. "I Wish It Would Rain"

Side 4[edit]

  1. "Reconnez Cherie"
  2. "Veronica"
  3. "Brain Thieves"
  4. "Semaphore Signals"
  5. "I Need A Situation"
  6. "The Final Taxi"
  7. "There Isn't Anything Else"

Track Listing 2CD Set - 2007[edit]


For LP/Disc 1[edit]

  • Wreckless Eric: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Pete Gosling: Lead Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Rhythm Guitars
  • Walter Hacon: Electric and Acoustic Rhythm Guitars
  • Malcolm Morley: Organ, Piano, Acoustic Guitar
  • John Brown: Electric Bass Guitar
  • Dave Otway (Professor Carnage): Drums and Percussion.


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