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Bikini Luxe
FounderCandice Galek (CEO)
Area served
WebsiteOfficial website

Bikini Luxe is an American online retailer that specializes in fashion clothing, swimwear, and accessories for young women.[1] The company was founded in 2013 by Candice Galek [2] and is based in Miami, Florida.[3] The retailer stocks over 2,500 bikinis and one-piece swimsuits[4] along with a collection of designer clothing items and accessories, such as activewear, jewelry, and dresses.[5][6] The company made headlines in the Spring of 2016 after founder and CEO, Candice Galek, posted controversial photos on her LinkedIn profile.[3][7][8][9]


Bikini Luxe was founded in 2013 by Candice Galek in her Miami Beach living room.[3][10] The website was opened to the public in June 2014 and offered several luxury swimwear brands like Montce, Peixoto, and Eberjoy.[11] The company initially focused on swimwear brands in the South Florida region but soon expanded to include brands worldwide.[5][12] The company earned some early success largely due to social media and word-of-mouth marketing.[5][13] In late 2014, Bikini Luxe customers began tagging Bikini Luxe in their social media posts.[14] The company's Wanelo page had earned around 30,000 followers by May 2015.[13][15] By February 2016, the Bikini Luxe had accrued around 5 million impressions on Pinterest.[5]

In March 2016, founder and CEO, Candice Galek, posted an image of Miss Universe contender, Natalie Roser, in a bikini on the business networking service, LinkedIn.[7] The post was titled, "Is This Appropriate For LinkedIn?"[8] The image went viral soon after because of its controversial nature and garnered 50,000 views, 500 comments, and an additional 30,000 followers.[9] At that time, the company's social media following (including on sites like Facebook and Instagram) had reached around 250,000 worldwide. Bikini Luxe also employs around 40 individuals throughout the world.[3]


Bikini Luxe carries around 2,500 bikinis and one-piece swimsuits[4] along with a variety of designer clothing and accessories including jewelry, dresses, activewear, and resort wear. Some brands include Agua Bendita, Montce, Peixoto, Luli Fama, Sauvage, Shahida Parides, Tai Jewelry, Michi, and others.[1][11][16][17] The company launched its Sauvage Resort collection in 2016[17] and launched a limited edition of Shahida Parides dresses in 2015.[1]


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