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Bill Townsend (born c.1965)[1] is an entrepreneur who helped create and build several global companies, most notably search engine Lycos, social networking pioneer, whose intellectual property formed the basis of LinkedIn, GeoCities (sold to Yahoo!) and (sold to Google and ebay). Townsend is President & CEO of RevolutionSports and a partner in Blake Townsend Productions, both television production companies.[2] He is President & CEO of TRICCAR Holdings, Inc., a pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research and development company. [3] He is an author, motivational speaker, and guest lecturer at conferences and universities worldwide, including TED.[4] [5]


Townsend has founded, co-founded or served on the executive management team or board of directors at several leading Internet and technology companies most notably Internet search engine Lycos[6] and

Townsend founded RevolutionSports in 2014 along with 5-time World Champion professional wrestler Shane Douglas to bring a new form of live event and television production to the field of combat sport, focusing on real competition and not “sports entertainment”. Upon learning of their plans, Hall of Fame professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper cancelled his contract with WWE to join the company.[7] After Piper’s untimely death in 2015, another Hall of Famer, Jake Roberts, more commonly known as Jake “The Snake” Roberts, joined to fill Piper’s role as color commentator.

RevolutionSports’ first production, Classic Wrestling Revolution, features 200+ live shows a year in Las Vegas and 34 hours of weekly television in English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, reaching over 2.3 billion consumers. The television programs includes Reality Television and live matches and a competition much like The Voice (U.S. TV series). Eight world champion coaches, including Road Warrior Animal, Tully Blanchard of The Four Horsemen, “The Hammer” Greg Valentine, Juventud Guerrera, Jazz (wrestler) and Último Dragón, will draft 64 male athletes from an estimated 300 contestants who have signed to participate, to be part of their teams. Contrary to wrestling promotions like WWE, TNA, ROH and mixed martial arts promotions like UFC, who hire athletes as independent contractors, all the athletes in will be salaried, full-time employees, receiving benefits including health, vision and dental insurance, 401k plan, and profit sharing.[8]

RevolutionSports' television programming is led by Townsend and executive producers Christo Garcia and Glenn "GT" Taylor, formerly executive producer of Bar Rescue and director of the Endemol and ABC Television hit television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Townsend is also President & CEO of TRICCAR Holdings, Inc., a research and development firm focused on nutraceuticals and FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs. The Company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and is targeting the world’s most devastating diseases including obesity, hypothyroidism, calcium deficiency, cancers, pain management, diabetic neuropathy, and trigeminal neuralgia. In December 2017, TRICCAR announced the results of its nutraceutical supplement to combat obesity. A 90-day double blind study of the Company’s Organ Fat Formula resulted in an average weight loss of 23.6 pounds with no change in diet or exercise. [9] In January 2017, TRICCAR announced the results of a study on their hypothyroidism formula that showed HTF is an all-natural formulation that utilizes eight natural ingredients in a proprietary formulation. The double-blind results showed subjects taking HTF responded with the following benefits:

• 83% experienced a decrease in pain vs. 6% taking placebo • 81% had increased energy vs. 11% taking placebo • 69% had decreased constipation vs. 4% taking placebo • 68% had decreased irritability vs. 16% taking placebo • 66% reported increased sexual performance vs. 3% taking placebo • 52% reported decreased cold sensitivity vs. 3% taking placebo, and • 7% reported weight loss over 5% of body weight vs. 1% taking placebo. [10]

Townsend was a partner in PacAirVentures, a developer of entertainment complexes, featuring unique entertainment, retail and restaurant concepts including kinetic body flight, aka, vertical wind tunnels, network connected gaming arenas, stem cell and DNA repair centers, music products and music performance immersion camps, and others, operated through the brand name PAVA. This company was merged into RevolutionSports after Townsend's partner, director James Kellahin's, passing in 2017.

For many years, he served on the Board of Directors of, the second largest pureplay e-commerce retailer,[11] behind only Amazon and created the company's FirstFromASIA division,[12] which brings Asia's hottest, trendsetting products to the U.S. market.

Townsend appeared on ABC Television's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, when his charity assisted a family of nine that lost their home in fire, restore and acquire musical instruments.[13] He also appeared on CNBC's Treasure Detectives in 2013 unveiling a $12,000,000 violin by Antonio Stradivari which he discovered. [14]


Yes You Can! How to Be a Success no Matter Who You Are or Where You're From was released on paperback and Kindle e-book in July 2012 and was released as an e-book in Russia, Japan, China and Taiwan in 2013, with current distribution of over 700,000 copies. [15]

Townsend, and co-author Gary Carini, Associate Dean at Baylor University, were published in Harvard Business Review on the subject employee entrepreneurship.[16] Townsend was also featured in Wooster Magazine in 2015, highlighting his career and RevolutionSports.[17] and twice in Baylor Magazine, including being named one of the university's Top 100 Alumnae.


Townsend is an inventor whose products have included technology products and processes, acousto-haptics, in-arena technologies, the carbonixx guitar pick line, Blaxx drum sets, Storyline Stxx drum sticks, Il Cremonese violin treatments, and thermal footwear designed for motorcycling.[18]


Townsend earned an MBA from Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business where he held the John Schoen Entrepreneur-in-Residence chair and lectured on leadership and entrepreneurship.[19] He earned his BA at The College of Wooster.[20]


In 2000, Townsend founded The Amati Foundation, to help expand the stringed arts, specifically education in playing, making, and preserving the violin.[21] In 2006, he released a seminal study on consumer attitudes toward classical music events and how those attitudes affect attendance at orchestras in the United States and Europe. The study was featured in The Strad magazine. In 2009, The Amati Foundation moved its headquarters to Nevada and opened an office in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. In 2010, The Amati Foundation partnered with ABC Television's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Townsend began studying violin making under the tutelage of Ziang Mei then continued learning techniques from William Hilton (a student of Vhakn Nigogosian), and Alberti Genduso (who has studied with the German masters Horst Kloss and Karl Roy, director of the Bavarian State School of Violin Making in Mittenwald, Germany). In 2005 he introduced a wood treatment system to increase sonority and harmonics in instrument making. This system, Il Cremonese Violin Treatments, creates a base chemically matching the ground used by Antonio Stradivari from which to apply varnish and protect wood.[22][23] One of his instruments was featured in The Smithsonian Institution's Heart & Hands exhibition about musical instruments and their makers. He donates 50% of his instrument sales to charity.[24]

Townsend is the son of Jacquelyn Mayer, Miss America 1963 and contributes time and funding to women's education and empowerment causes.[25]


Townsend was the 1992 Republican candidate for United States Congress in Pennsylvania's 20th Congressional District, narrowly losing by 1½% to 16-year Democrat incumbent Austin Murphy.[1][26]


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