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Billings Bridge
Ottawa Transitway station
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Coordinates 45°23′05″N 75°40′36″W / 45.38472°N 75.67667°W / 45.38472; -75.67667Coordinates: 45°23′05″N 75°40′36″W / 45.38472°N 75.67667°W / 45.38472; -75.67667
Owned by OC Transpo
Opened 3 September 1995
Preceding station   OC Transpo   Following station
Route 97
toward Airport
Route 98
toward Hawthorne
toward Lebreton
Route 99
toward Carleton
Route 104

Billings Bridge is a station on the OC Transpo transitway, adjacent to the Billings Bridge Plaza, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.[1] It is named for, not only the plaza, but after Billings Bridge itself which is both a nearby bridge and neighbourhood (named for the early settler of the area, Braddish Billings). The transitway station itself is a major stop on the southern transitway-line due to its location near Bank Street, Ottawa's major north-south road and the mall itself. The station is located just south of the Plaza near the intersection between Bank Street and Riverside Drive.

There are two levels on the station. The upper level is on the transitway itself, while the lower level serves buses coming from the nearby Data Centre Road and Bank Street. There is a pedestrian bridge that leads from the lower level to the Plaza.

The station was officially opened with the southern transitway on 3 September 1995, replacing a temporary station which had existed on the site since the 1980s. Previously, the shopping centre had been served by buses which collected and discharged passengers at stops along the front of the plaza.

While route 95 and route 97 do not service both Billings Bridge Station and Baseline Station, route 118 provides service to both stations and can reach Baseline Station within 23 minutes. Route 111 also serves both Billings Bridge Station and Baseline Station, although not as direct as route 118 (route 111 travels via Meadowlands Drive whereas route 118 travels via Baseline Road).


The following routes serve Billings Bridge station:[1]
Regular Routes: 1 5 8 87 97 98 104 111 112 118 146 148
Peak-Only Routes: 41 99 116 199
Connexion Routes: 290 293 298
Shoppers' Routes: 304
Event Routes: 402 451 452


  1. Route 111 is extended to/from Carleton University weekdays only; on weekends all trips start/end at Billings Bridge Station.
  2. Routes 146 and 148 are extended to/from Hurdman Station weekdays only; on weekends all trips start/end at Billings Bridge Station.
  3. Route 304 operates on Thursdays only.


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