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Binanda Chandra Barua (বিনন্দ চন্দ্ৰ বৰুৱা) (1901 - 1994) was a noted Indian writer and poet of Assamese literature.[1] He is popularly known as Dhwani Kobi. He was President of the Asam Sahitya Sabha in 1966.[2] Some of the popoular books of the writer are Gargaon, Sankhadhwani, Jaidhwani and Pratidhwani etc. He was honored with the title of Sahityacharya by the Assam Sahitya Sabha in 1989.[3] He contributed to the development of Assamese drama during the pre-independence period.[4] His son is eminent Indian painter and artist Neel Pawan Barua[5] who is married to noted Assamese singer Dipali Barthakur.


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