Bingo (1974 film)

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Directed by Jean-Claude Lord
Produced by Pierre David
Louise Ranger
Written by Jean-Claude Lord
Roch Poisson
Lise Thouin
Michel Capistran
Jean Salvy
Starring Réjean Guénette
Anne-Marie Provencher
Claude Michaud
Alexandra Stewart
Gilles Pelletier
Music by Michel Comte
Cinematography Claude La Rue
François Protat
Edited by Jean-Claude Lord
Les Films Mutuels
Distributed by Ambassador Film Distributors (Canada)
Michèle Dimitri Films (France)
Les Films Mutuels (all media)
Release date
March 14, 1974
Running time
113 minutes
Country Canada
Language French

Bingo is a 1974 French-Canadian thriller directed by Jean-Claude Lord. The plot relates to Quebec's October Crisis of 1970.[1][2]


Director Jean-Claude Lord exploits the post-October Crisis paranoia that was rampant in Quebec with considerable panache with this skilful melodrama. Although the story is not about the events leading up to the War Measures Act, it does draw upon the fabric and feelings of that time. A young photographer (Réjean Guénette) becomes unwittingly entangled in a terrorist organization, which engages in a plot against prominent politicians and business leaders before an upcoming election. The film was hugely popular in Quebec and established Lord as a major director with this, his third feature.


Lord's wife, and co-screenwriter, the actress Lise Thouin released "Bingo", written by Michel Conte as a single.[3]


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  2. ^ Eugene P. Walz Canada's Best Features: Critical Essays on 15 Canadian Films 2002 "... decided to do neither an actual documentary on the events, like Robin Spry's Action: The October Crisis of 1970 (1973), nor a wholly fictionalized rendition of the incidents, like Jean-Claude Lord's contemporary political thriller Bingo (1974), ..."
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