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Biomechanical - Rockin' field festival - luglio 2008 (1).jpg
Biomechanical at Rockin' field festival, Milan, Italy (26 July 2008)
Background information
OriginHertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
GenresProgressive metal, groove metal
Years active1999–On Hiatus
Associated actsBalance of Power, Dragonforce
WebsiteOfficial website

Biomechanical are a progressive groove metal band from London, UK. Biomechanical’s existence started back in April 1999 by the founding member John K who wrote, recorded and arranged all of the music, with the exception of the songs ‘Existenz’ and ‘Survival’ which were co-written by Chris Webb and Jamie Hunt respectively. The lyrics were written by Adam Rose (Eight Moons) and John K & Jon Collins (Empires of the worlds & Cannibalised).

Biomechanical started as a lifelong goal for singer/songwriter John K who envisioned connected concept albums telling a unified narrative. The albums were released as Eight Moons, The Empires of the Worlds and Cannibalised.

After the release of 'Eight Moons' via Revolver Records the owner of Elitist Records Lee Barrett approached Biomechanical and after negotiations, all parties agreed and signed with Earache/Elitist records on 3 September 2004.

Biomechanical toured Europe with Decapitated, Stampin Ground, Exodus, 3 Inches Of Blood and opened for Shadow’s Fall and Nevermore for the promotion of the band’s second album The Empires of the Worlds which was produced by Andy Sneap.

John K wrote the third installment titled ‘Cannibalised’ in 2006/7 and also like the last two albums, he engineered the recordings. Legendary Grammy Award Nominee, Judas Priest producer Chris Tsangarides took the production duties and mixed the album in the summer of 2007. The mastering took place at the 'Close to the Edge Studios' and was done by Jon Ashley. The cover was designed by Nat Jones. Cannibalised was released in February 2008.

The band is on hiatus with no current plans to release new material.


Frontman/singer John K. lists his/their influences as such:


Former members[edit]



  • Distorted, demo, (2001)

Studio albums[edit]

Title Date of release Label
Eight Moons 7 October 2003 Revolver Records
The Empires of the Worlds 9 August 2005 Earache Records
Cannibalised 26 February 2008 Earache Records

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