Bistra River (Timiș)

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Bistra River
Countries Romania
Counties Caraș-Severin
 - left Marga, Bistra Mărului
 - right Rusca, Vârciorova
Towns Oțelu Roșu
 - location Țarcu Mountains, Lake Bistra
Mouth Timiș
 - location Downstream of Caransebeș
 - coordinates 45°28′48″N 22°11′05″E / 45.4799°N 22.1847°E / 45.4799; 22.1847Coordinates: 45°28′48″N 22°11′05″E / 45.4799°N 22.1847°E / 45.4799; 22.1847
Progression TimișDanubeBlack Sea

Bistra is a river in south-western Romania, in the Banat. It is a right tributary of the river Timiș. Its valley delimits the Țarcu Mountains to the south from the Poiana Ruscă mountains to the north. Its name is derived from a Slavic word meaning "fast-flowing".

Bistra has its source in the Bistra Lake, located in the Țarcu Mountains, near Vârful Pietrei (2192 metres). It flows as a rapid river from south to north until it reaches the village of Bucova, where it changes direction and turns west. Its first major tributary is the Marga River; further down it collects the waters of the Rusca River. Before entering Oțelu Roșu, Bistra collects its greatest influx of waters, the Bistra Mărului River. Near the town of Caransebeș, it flows into the Timiș.

The Bistra flows through the villages Bucova, Băuțar, Voislova, Valea Bistrei, Zăvoi, Cireșa, Oțelu Roșu, Glimboca, Obreja and Ciuta.


The following rivers are tributaries to the river Bistra:


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