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Bixter is on the west side of the Shetland Islands, found more than 160 km (99 mi) off the north coast of mainland Scotland.

Bixter is a group of houses in a large reign of area. Council houses belonging to Hjaltland Housing Association & the Shetland Islands Council (S.I.C.), lie next to the main (A971) road. The Bixter Health Center lies opposite to the council houses. Many other homes are scattered around the area.

"S.Johnston Services" is the main shop in the local area, which has been in business since February, 2014. The past shop in service was "C.G.Williamson", which was in business for over 100 years.

The first Bixter shop was established in the 1840s by William Tulloch - his descendants still live in Aithsting.

3 km south west of Bixter lies Staneydale Temple, a Neolithic hall containing a large oval chamber. Around it are ruins of houses, walls and cairns of the same period. The site is in the care of Historic Scotland.

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