Black agouti

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For the Mexican black agouti, see Mexican agouti.
Black agouti
Dasyprocta fuliginosa.JPG
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Family: Dasyproctidae
Genus: Dasyprocta
Species: D. fuliginosa
Binomial name
Dasyprocta fuliginosa
Wagler, 1832

The black agouti, Dasyprocta fuliginosa, is a South American species of agouti from the family Dasyproctidae. It is found in the northwestern Amazon in southern Venezuela, eastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador, western Brazil and northeastern Peru. There is also a disjunct population in the Magdalena River Valley of northern Colombia.[1] The black agouti weighs 3.5–6 kg (7.7–13.2 lb). It is overall black grizzled white, and the throat is white.[2] Like other agoutis, the black agouti is diurnal, lives alone or in pairs, and feeds on fruits and nuts.[2]

They are found in forests, thick brush, savannahs and cultivated areas. In Peru, they are confined to the Amazonian region where they are found in all parts of the low selva zone and many parts of the high selva zone. It is found at altitudes of 2000 m or more. Agoutis live in close proximity to water, being found on the banks of all types of streams.

In some areas, they construct burrows among limestone boulders, along river banks or under the roots of trees.


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