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Black Friday may refer to:


Recurring days[edit]

Single days[edit]

  • Black Friday (1869), the Fisk-Gould Scandal, a financial crisis in the United States
  • Black Friday (1873), the crash of the Vienna Stock Exchange that precipitated the Panic of 1873
  • Black Friday (1881), the Eyemouth disaster in which 189 fishermen died
  • Black Friday (1910), a particularly violent women's suffrage event in England
  • Black Friday (1919), the Battle of George Square, a riot stemming from industrial unrest in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Black Friday (1921), the announcement of British transport union leaders not to call for strike action against wage reductions for miners
  • Black Friday (1939), a day of devastating bushfires in Victoria, Australia
  • Black Friday (1944), a disastrous attack by the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada near Woensdrecht during the Battle of the Scheldt
  • Black Friday (1945), an Allied military operation during the Norwegian campaigns in World War II
  • Black Friday (1960), San Francisco City protest against the House Un-American Activities Committee
  • Black Friday (1978), a massacre of protesters in Iran
  • Black Friday (1987), a tornado in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Black Friday (1993), a series of bomb explosions in Mumbai, India
  • Black Friday (Maldives), a 2004 crackdown by government forces in Malé, Maldives, on peaceful protesters
  • Black Friday (2005), an event in which tribal students were killed in Meghalaya, India
  • Black Friday (2011), an event in which several online poker sites were seized as a result of United States v. Scheinberg et al.
  • Black Friday (2015), a string of terrorist attacks on June 26, 2015 in France, Kuwait, Somalia, Syria and Tunisia
  • Black Friday (2016), the day after the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016 took place with a result of the United Kingdom deciding to leave the European Union. The result caused financial markets to lose the equivalent of over 2 trillion United States dollars on this day, making it the worst single day drop in history.

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