Black Heart White Soul

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Black Heart White Soul
Black Heart White Soul official poster
Genre Modern
Created by Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
Written by Lui Sau Lin (雷秀蓮)
Poon Hoi An (潘凱恩)
Lui Zheng Ching (呂正清)
Hui Ka Yu (許嘉瑜)
Wong Chi Yan (黃智欣)
Calif Chong (莊藝文)
Chan Chee Keung (陳志強)
Au Ka Wai (區嘉慧)
Directed by Wong Wai Yan (王偉仁)
Lui Sui Lin (雷瑞麟)
Wong Ru Lok (黄汝樂)
Chan Siu Ling (陳筱玲)
Starring Roger Kwok
Kristal Tin
Ron Ng
Kiki Sheung
Louis Cheung
Waise Lee
Opening theme Black Heart White Soul (灰色命運) by Ronald Law & Hoffman Cheng
Ending theme Ever (如初) by Louis Cheung
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 30
Producer(s) Amy Wong
Location(s) Hong Kong
Editor(s) Lau Chi Wah (劉枝華)
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) TVB
Original network Jade
HD Jade
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original release 14 July (2014-07-14) – 22 August 2014 (2014-08-22)
Preceded by The Ultimate Addiction 點金勝手
Followed by Line Walker 使徒行者
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Black Heart White Soul
Traditional Chinese 忠奸人
Simplified Chinese 忠奸人
Literal meaning Semi Evil Man

Black Heart White Soul (Chinese: 忠奸人) is a Hong Kong modern thriller serial produced by TVB. This series was featured in the TVB's 2014 Sales Presentation.


May Tam (Kristal Tin) who has low moral consciousness takes the rap for her boyfriend who has committed a crime. After serving her sentence, Matthew Ko (Roger Kwok), a lawyer helps her start afresh by giving her a job at his law firm. Ko initially had a bright future but was crushed when rookie police officer Cheung Lap Fan (Ron Ng) accidentally injures him while on a mission, causing Ko to be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. At the same time, this creates an opportunity for the two to break the law. As Ko's hidden conspiracies are exposed, Cheung harbors him out of guilt. Eventually, will Tam be able to make the right choice between love and morality?


Main Cast[edit]

Other cast[edit]

Viewership Ratings[edit]

Week Episodes Date Average Points Peaking Points
1 01-05 July 14–18, 2014 25 28
2 06-10 July 21–25, 2014 25 26
3 11-15 July 28-Aug 1, 2014 25 27
4 16-20 Aug 4-8, 2014 25 27
5 21-25 Aug 11-15, 2014 27 31
6 26-30 Aug 18-22, 2014 29 31


Before the show started filming, the company has already received several complaints over Ron Ng's role over him not being the lead and has been given repetitive roles.[1]


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