Black Light District (EP)

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Black Light District
EP by The Gathering
Released June 17, 2002[1]
Recorded E-sound, Loud & Morningsun Studios, 2001 and 2002
Genre Progressive rock, alternative rock
Length 24:28
Label Psychonaut Records
Producer Zlaya Hadzich
The Gathering chronology
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Black Light District

Black Light District (2002) is an EP by the Dutch rock band The Gathering.[2] It was first made available as an internet-only release on 2002-06-24, and officially went in distribution on 2002-09-16. The EP marks a 12½ year anniversary of the band, and also the end of their five-album contract with Century Media Records. Black Light District was released under The Gathering's own label Psychonaut Records, and it is the label's very first completely new release, however, since EP does not qualify as an album, the later released Souvenirs is widely regarded as the very first brand new album release of the label.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Black Light District" Anneke van Giersbergen The Gathering 16:22
2. "Debris" Anneke van Giersbergen The Gathering 4:35
3. "Broken Glass (Piano Version)" Anneke van Giersbergen The Gathering 3:30

Spoken parts on "Black Light District" are performed by Sarah Jezebel Deva.

The CD also contains a hidden track which, according to the band, is titled "Over You", and a multimedia part featuring an extensive video of the band working on the mini-album and tracks from their following full-length album Souvenirs.