Blackout (1950 film)

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"Blackout" (1950).jpg
Maxwell Reed as Chris Pelly
Directed by Robert S. Baker[1]
Produced by
Screenplay by John Gilling
Story by Carl Nystrom
Music by John Lanchbery
Cinematography Monty Berman[1]
Edited by Gerald Landau[1]
Distributed by Eros Films (1950) (UK) (theatrical)
Release date
  • September 1950 (1950-09) (United Kingdom)
Running time
78 min
Country Great Britain
Language English

Blackout is a 1950 English crime [2] drama film directed by Robert S. Baker.[3] The film featured Maxwell Reed, Dinah Sheridan, Patric Doonan, Kynaston Reeves, Annette D. Simmonds, Eric Pohlmann, Michael Evans and Michael Brennan in the lead roles. The film includes the first featured appearance of Ronald Leigh-Hunt.


An engineer, Christopher Pelly (Maxwell Reed), loses his eyesight in an accident. He goes to London to have an eye operation. He wants to go to his friend's house but the taxi driver drops him at the wrong house in Kensington. Pelly doesn't know that he is in the wrong house and goes inside, where three men have just killed a person and the corpse is still lying on the floor. Seeing that Pelly is blind, the killers don't kill him and leave. When he discovers the body, Pelly reports the incident to the police but the police are unable to locate the dead body. When Pelly regains his eyesight after the operation, he decides to try to solve the mystery. Arriving at the house where the killing had taken place, he meets Patricia Dale (Dinah Sheridan), who had lost her brother in a plane crash a year earlier. Pelly tells the story to her and they agree to investigate the mystery together.



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